SWYPG Special – 1st June

BBQ and Study

Meeting at Dafydd and Lynne Jenkins’ house (CF32 0PF) at 2pm for a walk on Ogmore beach, followed by a Bible study to be led by Bro Roger Lewis and then BBQ for dinner.

Numbers are required for catering, so please let us know if you intend to come along: you can contact us via this link or via our Facebook page

We’d love to see you there!

Welcome to SWYPG!

Welcome to our South Wales Young People’s Group!

A programme for the year can be found on our website – have a look at this to see where our next SWYPG will be held and what subject we will be studying each month.  Also, you can look under the section “about us” for more information.

The theme for our South Wales Young People’s Group studies this year is the “Minor Prophets​”.  These are a series of prophecies which can be found towards the end of the Old Testament – small books with a major message.

These prophecies were written both before the Babylonian exile and after the Jews returned to the land.  In total, there are twelve minor prophets – nine before the captivity and three after – and collectively they are called in the Jewish canon: The Book of the Twelve Prophets​.

Some of these books contain elements of biography which add to the prophetic teaching and give some insight into the character of the prophet, such as Amos and Hosea.  Others contain little or no information about the prophet themselves, and concentrate solely on the message that they were given to preach, e.g. Obadiah and Malachi.

The aim of our studies this year is to help us gain an understanding of each of these books and their messages.  We hope you enjoy the classes and look forward to seeing you at South Wales Young People’s Group this year!